Holiday Notes #3 Milan

Milan has a bit of a mixed reputation, some say it is ugly, dull and industrialised while others say it’s beautiful, artistic and chic. So, arriving in Milan I had basically nil expectations, except for the otherworldly street style I idolise on Scott Schuman’s Instagram page, The Sartorialist.

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Holiday Notes #2 Montserrat + Manresa

While staying in Barcelona with my parents, we made a visit to the popular Christian pilgrimage sites in Montserrat and Manresa. After advice from a barista in a Barcelona café, we weren’t required to buy tickets in advance, all we had to do was go to the station and buy a ticket from the machine – too easy! It’s a popular spot for Barcelonian’s to go for a picnic on a nice day, so the trains run regularly. Continue reading

Holiday Notes #1 Madrid + Barcelona

It is now a couple of months since I got back from my 5 week trip in Europe, and I am constantly reminiscing about the wonderful food and lifestyle I enjoyed every day there. Being busy back at work, it is nice to think back to my trip, try and recreate dishes that I had during my travels and start thinking about where to next!

Everyone seems to ask ‘So what was the highlight? Where was your favourite place?’, but I really can’t answer that question. I had so many great moments each in Madrid, Barcelona, Uzés, Milan and Venice, which I will share with you. Of course nearly all of these involve food, but there are a couple of other things too! Continue reading

A Guide to Melbourne #2

Once again I found myself down in Melbourne for a long weekend, a trip now seeming to have become a bi-annual ritual. I can’t place my finger on one exact point as to why I love Melbourne, but I think I can narrow it down to three things: the book shops, the art & craft scene, and the incredible selection of restaurants and cafes in the streets and laneways of the CBD & beyond.
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A Guide to Melbourne

I  managed to get a week off work, and deciding not to venture too far, I headed down to Melbourne again! I just love the city of Melbourne; full of bustling café’s, restaurants and bars, hole-in-the-wall art galleries, little boutiques, an excellent public transport system of historic and modern trams and a population of happy, friendly and sociable people. For me of course, food is of the highest priority and importance, and Melbourne certainly delivers in this department… Continue reading

Weekend in Melbourne

Melbourne is such a wonderful, vibrant and beautiful city that I am very tempted to move to! I was lucky enough to get a couple of days off work to join my fellow-nurse friend from Alice Springs (Ingrid) to head to Melbourne for scoping out the best coffee haunts, taste Melbourne’s delicious food and walk endlessly through the laneways and streets to visit boutiques, op-shops and galleries along the way. Ingrid is a vegan, which did influence a lot of our cafe/restaurant choices, but Melbourne caters so well to vegans and has so many excellent vegan restaurants that it made finding somewhere excellent to eat a simple and never-disappointing task!

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Cereal Killer Cafe, London

When I first heard about a cafe dedicated to cereal, I knew I had to get there as soon as possible. Unfortunately this cafe was all the way over in London, but having plans for a trip to London in March, I added Cereal Killer to the top of my list of places to visit! Located along the bustling Brick Lane, it was the perfect spot to stop for a big bowl of nourishing & nostalgic cereal before walking through this awesome foodie neighbourhood. As soon as I stepped into the cafe, I fell in love and knew it was not just a novelty/gimmick, but a group of guys that truly have a passion for cereal, from Captain Crunch, Disney Star Wars to Dorset Muesli – it caters to everyone and is such a fun, nostalgic experience for all of us kids who grew up on this sugary, crispy goodness.

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Arcadi, Brussels

A huge pot of steaming mussels scattered with fresh parsley arrives to the table, the incredible scent of white wine and the ocean wafting through the café. I look in gluttony at the juicy, tender mussels piled atop each other in the deep, dark pot, and the generous bowl of crisp, thick fries, appearing meagre in comparison. Upon first glance, I knew I came to the right place in Brussels to taste the famous Moules Frites, and upon first mouthful, that was most certainly confirmed!

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Gartine, Amsterdam

Gartine was my favourite meal in Amsterdam, and one of the loveliest food experiences I have had in all my travels. It is a cosy lunchroom, nestled down little Taksteeg laneway, serving up ‘slow food’, using the fresh, seasonal produce from their own garden. The atmosphere is just wonderful, with pot plants, antique crockery & silverware, a chandelier and artwork adorning the walls to make you feel so at home and relaxed. The proud husband and wife duo will be found serving tables and busying away in the kitchen, putting every bit of their heart and soul into their work.

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