Kepos Street Kitchen, Redfern

I only need to see the words tahini, falafel and figs on a menu and I’m sold. To me, Mediterranean style food is perfectly balanced and utterly delicious, always bursting with fresh flavours like lemon, pomegranate molasses and lots of fresh herbs. After falling in love with this, I suppose, ‘modern’ Mediterranean food from eating at Ottolenghi and Honey & Co. in London and feasting in the Marais area of Paris, discovering Kepos Street Kitchen has been so exciting and heart-warmingly reminiscent of my travels.

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Bare Naked Bowls, Manly

Market Lane has become the new café haven of Manly over the past few years, with two local institutions, Fika Swedish Kitchen and Market Lane Café, sitting on either side of Manly Library. But now the holy trinity has been formed, with the latest edition of Bare Naked Bowls. Unlike the usual Manly café menu of poached eggs, avocado toast, muesli and various baked goods (which I am all very fond of), Bare Naked Bowls has brought a new and highly anticipated concept to the Manly food scene – delicious, healthy superfoods with a focus on local produce, nutrition and doing good, with 10% of Bare Naked Bowls profits going towards International Brothers and Sisters House, a charity that supports orphaned children in developing nations. Needless to say, both the local and broader-Sydney response has been overwhelming, with people pouring in from early in the morning to well into the afternoon and others placing in their takeaway orders to enjoy on the beachfront. The most popular menu item are their range of Acai bowls, but other menu items include muesli or chia breakfast bowls, superfood smoothies, salads, raw vegan desserts and coffee/tea. Continue reading

My favourite banana bread in Sydney

I have never been a huge fan of banana bread. I feel like it’s only on the menu of a lot of cafes because it ‘has to be’ and usually isn’t made in-house. However, when I was driving through the lower North Shore suburb of Sydney, Northbridge, and needed a quick, nutritious breakfast to-go, I couldn’t help but notice this gorgeous hole-in-the-wall cafe pumping out takeaway coffees to locals.

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Reuben Hills, Surry Hills

One of the absolute best brunch spots in Sydney, Reuben Hills has been serving up inventive, delicious South American food for years. In its inconspicuous location up Albion Street, the industrial style and decor seems to totally blend in with the Surry Hills atmosphere, yet surprise you at how much space the cafe holds.  The ground floor eatery features polished concrete floors, exposed brick and timber beams and cosy little tables and timber chairs or the communal table down the opposite end.  Food and drinks served in enamelware and vintage crockery create such a relaxed, humbling environment that settles you in for a nice long brunch with friends.

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Romolo Espresso Cucina, Sydney

Romolo sits inside the picturesque and elegant Strand Arcade in Sydney’s CBD, a historic shopping centre that is still in its original form since it’s opening in 1891. Sitting at the little benches of Romolo along the walkway of the Arcade is such a relaxing and calming experience, sipping away on a coffee and admiring the stunning architecture and decor. I take every opportunity to detour through the Strand when I’m walking through the city, and Romolo is one of my regular spots to stop and admire this beautiful, historic building.

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Doppio Espresso, Sydney

Up at the crack of dawn and need an early breakfast? You’ve found the perfect spot!

Doppio Espresso is a great little cafe in Sydney’s CBD, serving up a delicious breakfast and killer coffee from 5.30am. You’ll find plenty of businessmen/women grabbing a quick bite to eat or a coffee to go, or others lingering over a morning newspaper.

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About Life, Bondi Junction

About Life is a fantastic marketplace chain in Sydney that includes a wholefoods cafe, supermarket and natural pharmacy at each store. The menu caters to all, from meat-eaters to vegans, making it a great option for those who sometimes struggle to find a cafe that caters to their dietary requirements. About Life do an amazing job of creating some of the healthiest, tastiest and innovative dishes, from banana and sweet potato hotcakes, vegan scrambled cauli-bowl, to the cacao chilli beef superfood burrito! These crazy flavour combinations somehow always seem to work, as I’ve always loved my lunches here, and my sceptical mum did too!

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Kitchen By Mike, Roseberry

Kitchen By Mike is one of the best additions to Sydney’s food scene. Unlike any other cafe, Kitchen By Mike is canteen-style, whereby customers queue along the display of the freshly made food and pick and choose whatever takes your fancy. The menu changes daily, depending on whatever Mike and his team find at the markets. But you can be sure to find a tantalising assortment of unique salads, slow cooked meats, fresh wood-fired pizzas and a variety of pastries and cakes.

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Store Espresso, Camperdown

The Store Espresso is a gorgeous little cafe overlooking Camperdown Park, serving up some of the tastiest food in the area. Breakfast is always a good option – think poached eggs with crumbled feta, mashed avocado, mint & dukkah on sourdough with a house-blend coffee or perhaps a smoothie or milkshake! With flavours like Pandan & Coconut, Chai and Nutella…who could resist!

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