Kepos Street Kitchen, Redfern

I only need to see the words tahini, falafel and figs on a menu and I’m sold. To me, Mediterranean style food is perfectly balanced and utterly delicious, always bursting with fresh flavours like lemon, pomegranate molasses and lots of fresh herbs. After falling in love with this, I suppose, ‘modern’ Mediterranean food from eating at Ottolenghi and Honey & Co. in London and feasting in the Marais area of Paris, discovering Kepos Street Kitchen has been so exciting and heart-warmingly reminiscent of my travels.

Walking into Kepos Street Kitchen feels like walking into a friends home, with such a relaxed and welcoming environment featuring simple, Scandanavian furnishings and decor. You are greeted with Ottolenghi-esque platters and cake-stands filled with the most gorgeous treats, such as Persian Pavlova, Halva Brownies, Peach Tarts, Lemon Meringue Tarts, Flourless Orange and Rosewater Cakes, and so much more! It is an utter feast for the eyes, but luckily the two separate dining areas down each end of the hallway relieve you from their distraction to focus on the menu over one of their excellent coffees from The Grounds.

The breakfast menu is all savoury except for their Brasserie Bread croissants and homemade churros, featuring mostly poached eggs served in all sorts of ways, salad-y things, shakshuka and falafel. The menu changes regularly based on seasonality, so I won’t elaborate very much on the details of the current menu… On my visit I ordered the Kepos Benedict – smoked salmon, green tahini, poached eggs, steamed leek and milk bread, and my two brunch buddies ordered the Asparagus Flat Tart and Dad’s Favourite Brekky (falafel, hummus, bread and tomato salad). Our meals arrived within 15 minutes and were all beautiful! So many bright greens, yellow egg yolks, golden-brown pastry & toast and vibrant micro-greens & herbs bursting from the plates. The taste completely lived up to its aesthetic, with my dish featuring such lovely soft milk bread with nice crispy edges, soft delicate leeks, super fresh smoked salmon, excellent runny poached eggs and a delicious herb filled tahini sauce that complemented the rest of the dish so well. I had a mouthful of the Asparagus Flat Tart and Dad’s Brekky, both were fantastic, but my favourite of the two was the tart.

Of course there was no chance of leaving without purchasing a boxful of baked goods, so I bought a mixed box of about 5 different things to bring home to the family. The quality of all of them was superb, the only criticism being that the peach on the Peach Tart was too firm and not sweet, but otherwise the Halva Brownie was decadent and delicious, the Lemon Tart was just perfect, and the Persian Pavlova was very sweet but very yummy – worth trying as I’ve never tasted anything like it before, but definitely something you’d have to share.

I can’t wait to come back and try more of the menu at Kepos Street Kitchen, preferably sitting by the window for a long brunch sipping their lovely coffee. The lunch and dinner menu sounds very intriguing, so I think I’ll be there within no time to give that a go – would love to know if anyone has been and can give any tips/favourite dishes?


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