My favourite banana bread in Sydney

I have never been a huge fan of banana bread. I feel like it’s only on the menu of a lot of cafes because it ‘has to be’ and usually isn’t made in-house. However, when I was driving through the lower North Shore suburb of Sydney, Northbridge, and needed a quick, nutritious breakfast to-go, I couldn’t help but notice this gorgeous hole-in-the-wall cafe pumping out takeaway coffees to locals.


I poked my head in, and couldn’t believe how small this cafe was, with just a few little stools by the window. Luckily I was just in need of a takeaway breakfast, so I scanned the front cabinet of muffins, slices, loafs and treats, with plenty of healthy, vegan options, and immediately decided on the vegan Hippie Lane banana bread, which was also gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free. It looked so moist and rich that I couldn’t go past it. In house, it can be toasted with tahini, cinnamon and rice malt syrup, which would have been decadently delicious, but to takeaway I ordered it just with butter (so not so vegan anymore..).

I could smell it toasting away while I was waiting, and was so excited to tuck in to it when I was handed the warm, butter stained brown paper bag. A few minutes later my coffee was ready, as the barista was very busy making dozens of coffees for the construction workers in the street. As I headed back to the car, I took a sip of coffee (long black with a dash of hot milk) and it was excellent – piping hot and a great strong flavour. I peeked into my paper bag and broke off a piece of the heavenly scented banana bread, to far from gracefully devour. It was even better than I could have imagined, so incredibly moist, glistening with melted butter, with slightly charred edges and chunks of walnuts and soft oozy real banana pieces. This was by far the best banana bread I have ever had and I will be detouring through Northbridge a lot more just to get some!

They also serve up porridge, Acai bowls, salads and sandwiches which look divine, but even if it’s to share, the banana bread is something not to go past!

Enjoy enjoy! X

1/160 Sailors Bay Rd Northbridge, Sydney, Australia 2063

6am-3pm Mon-Sat and 6am-12pm on Sunday’s


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