Cereal Killer Cafe, London

When I first heard about a cafe dedicated to cereal, I knew I had to get there as soon as possible. Unfortunately this cafe was all the way over in London, but having plans for a trip to London in March, I added Cereal Killer to the top of my list of places to visit! Located along the bustling Brick Lane, it was the perfect spot to stop for a big bowl of nourishing & nostalgic cereal before walking through this awesome foodie neighbourhood. As soon as I stepped into the cafe, I fell in love and knew it was not just a novelty/gimmick, but a group of guys that truly have a passion for cereal, from Captain Crunch, Disney Star Wars to Dorset Muesli – it caters to everyone and is such a fun, nostalgic experience for all of us kids who grew up on this sugary, crispy goodness.


Being a very health conscious eater, I don’t normally eat sugar unless I’m out for a special meal or I treat myself to some dark chocolate, so I thought jumping into a big bowl of Lucky Charms or Reeces Puffs could eat rather badly…. So I went for something with a bit less sugar – Dorset Nutty Muesli, banana, raisins and hazelnut milk. SPEECHLESS. This was absolutely delicious. Although the cereal cocktail combinations sounded amazing, my eating preferences made it a bit hard to pick one, so I went and put my own one together with the help of the Aussie bloke behind the counter and I was stoked with the result! If you haven’t tried hazelnut milk before, then I certainly recommend it, especially combined with banana.


If you love cereal, from the sugary fluro stuff to heart-healthy oats, then you will enjoy nothing more than sitting down at Cereal Killer with your old childhood mates or siblings and a big bowl of your old favourite cereal. Such a great experience that I will certainly be back for! I hope you enjoy it X


E1 6SB

020 3601 9100

Monday8am-8pm Tuesday8am-8pm Wednesday8am-8pm Thursday8am-10pm Friday8am-10pmSaturday 8am-10pm Sunday8am-10pm


2 thoughts on “Cereal Killer Cafe, London

  1. Bottom's Up! says:

    I am in love with this, cereal is a great breakfast item that not too many places offer which is sad unfortunately. Judging by their website its medium priced would you agree? If I ever end up in London anytime soon, I will gladly visit this place and share my thoughts as well.


    • joannassydney says:

      I do agree that the prices are a little high, but honestly I can’t see how’d they’d be able to make enough money to cover all their expenses if the prices were lower! When you consider shipping their international cereals, staffing, etc… Was a great experience, I hope you get to visit London soon and enjoy it as much as I did!


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