Gartine, Amsterdam

Gartine was my favourite meal in Amsterdam, and one of the loveliest food experiences I have had in all my travels. It is a cosy lunchroom, nestled down little Taksteeg laneway, serving up ‘slow food’, using the fresh, seasonal produce from their own garden. The atmosphere is just wonderful, with pot plants, antique crockery & silverware, a chandelier and artwork adorning the walls to make you feel so at home and relaxed. The proud husband and wife duo will be found serving tables and busying away in the kitchen, putting every bit of their heart and soul into their work.


I would have loved to have done their high tea, which they are renowned for, but I was travelling through Amsterdam solo so came for lunch instead. On my first attempt, I arrived at 1.30pm but the were completely full and had reservations all afternoon! The husband told me to come back the next day, but earlier so that I could get a table. So I came at 11.45 the next day and was seated right by the window! Perfect. It was a little early to get straight into lunch, so I ordered their homemade Chai Latte, which was just divine. You could really taste the fresh spices in it which made for a wonderful aroma – the perfect beverage for a cold winter day.


After gazing at the menu , torn between ordering just about every dish on the menu, I decided on the Rillettes of rabbit with plum chutney on multigrain sourdough bread with salad. Upon my first mouthful, my eyes lit up and I could not believe how delicious the food was that I was tasting. The rillette was so tender and soft and had the most gorgeous flavour, the bread had a wonderful crust and was nice and soft on the inside, the plum chutney had that perfect balance of sweetness to cut through the fatty, creamy rillettes, and also the salad leaves were incredible in themselves! The quality of each individual ingredient really shines through, and nothing is overpowering. I will be dreaming of this rillette dish for a long time…


After my delightful chai and rillettes, there was no way I could have dessert, but I admired all the beautiful freshly homemade tarts and cakes on display in the cabinet, which were clearly delicious as they were just flying off the cake stands!

A completely memorable experience, I admire so much what the lovely couple at Gartine are doing in regards to their approach towards food – a focus on regional cuisine and produce that is farmed sustainably and ecologically. And most importantly, creating food that is ridiculously good!

Wednesday / Sunday: 10:00 to 18:00

Taksteeg 7 1012 OJ AMSTERDAM

Phone: 020 320 41 32


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