Flour Market, Sydney

Sydney’s Flour Market in August 2014 was an incredible day, celebrating Sydney’s bakers and pastry chefs who are making a landmark on the Sydney food scene. Originally a Melbourne-based event, I was thrilled for it to make its way up to Sydney! The smorgasbord of bread, cakes, tarts, doughnuts & cronuts, bagels, pastries, quiches and so much more was an utter feast for the eyes. Can’t wait for their next Sydney event!

After circling the room a dozen times, my friends and I decided to buy a few things each and share them. This was definitely the way to do it! So if you go along to one of their future events, get a group together and gather over your purchases & a superb coffee at Paramount Coffee Project next door, or pop over to Harmony Park.

Our favourites of the day were definitely the quiches from Black Star Pastry and Katherine Sabbath’s Rainbow Cake! Although Black Star Pastry is famous for their Watermelon Cake, which I tried and enjoyed, their quiches were just on a complete other level and I couldn’t recommend them enough! Katherine Sabbath is famous for her wacky, crazy, inventive sweets, and although I was tentative at first, after trying her Rainbow Cake I was converted! Not only did it look just spectacular, but the flavours of each layer were divine and didn’t taste artificial at all. Be sure to find her at other foodie events in Sydney, as she’s a regular on the Sydney food market scene!

So keep an eye and ear out for the next Flour Market being hosted in Sydney and get there bright and early, as it will be sure to pack out! After filling your stomach’s to the brim, get a coffee at Paramount Coffee Project or Single Origin, then take a walk up to Crown street and explore the wonderful shops X




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