The Opera House, Bennelong Point

The Opera House… It’s my favourite building in Sydney, bursting with history, beauty & culture, drawing crowds together to experience some of the best and most unique music and artistic performances in the world, from Peter Wright’s ‘The Nutcracker’ to Sir David Attenborough’s ‘The Third Dimension’, it really does cater to all!

I have attended performances at the Opera House numerous times, including The Nutcracker, Don Giovanni, The Artist (accompanied by a live orchestra), performances by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Sufjan Stevens, The Wizard of Oz, plays by the Sydney Theatre Company and even Postman Pat when I was little! However, every time I go I am struck by the beauty of this building and the sense of excitement and awe as you approach its eccentric shell-like frame.

The Opera House is accessible to all, hosting very inexpensive to very expensive events and offering generous discounts to students, young people and groups. They also hold tours, available in many languages that give a great insight into the history and architecture of the Opera House (

And lastly, the food & drinks! Being one of the busiest sites in Sydney, it can be hard to find a relaxing spot for dinner or a drink where you aren’t squished in like sardines. And as much as I enjoy the Opera Bar, it is usually far too busy, especially on the weekends, so I only go there if it’s early in the evening or on a weekday. Alternative spots are the ECQ Bar, Cafe Sydney or inside the Opera House where you can buy a drink before your show and stand out on the balcony or inside. For dinner, I would definitely recommend Cafe Nice (one of my all time favourite Sydney restaurants) that serves up the most delicious Nice-inspired food in a buzzing atmosphere overlooking the Harbour, with the train rattling by and waiters chatting away in French. They always have limited staff on though, so give yourself 1.5-2hours for dinner to avoid missing your show! If you’re looking for somewhere extra special, then you can’t beat Cafe Sydney and it’s spectacular view, or if your looking for somewhere extra, extra special – one word, Quay.

Needless to say, your night at The Opera House will be memorable. Dress up, drink champagne and take a leisurely stroll back around to Circular Quay to continue on to one of the nearby bars, or jump on a ferry home to end your perfect evening on a perfect note X


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