The Marlborough Hotel, Newtown

The Marly is a local favourite in Newtown, serving up delicious food, local Young Henry’s beer and hosting a heap of awesome gigs. Whether you’re enjoying drinks at the bar, sitting down to a nice burger with some mates after work or watching a band downstairs at the Marly Bar, you’ll be guaranteed a good night in this wonderfully laid back, local pub.

I’ve been here mostly for drinks on a night out, and can definitely recommend ordering whatever Young Henry’s beer is on tap! Sometimes they do specials, such as the Summer Ale which was a gorgeous, refreshing, florally beer I had one summer evening.

The food menu is also great, serving up classic pub favourites, sharing plates and plenty of veg options, often incorporating the products from over the road at Suzy Spoon’s Vegetarian Butcher. They also do weekly specials, such as $10 Korean Fried Chicken Wednesdays – a great, inexpensive way to enjoy a meal out!

I’ve only eaten here once, but absolutely loved my veggie burger – spiced potato and chickpea patty with roast peppers, lettuce and lime aioli. The patty had such a great flavour and was nice and charred on the edges. I asked if I could switch the side of chips for some steamed veggies, and the waitress gave me the thumbs up! Too easy, and the veggies were wonderful and it was such a generous serving.

So if you’re out in Newtown for the night, be sure to swing by the Marly for a beer and some live tunes or a hearty pub meal. Afterwards, why not check out The Newtown Hotel, go for a gelato at N2 across the road or Hakiki in Enmore, or make your way into the city! X


Open Monday to Sunday 10am – 4am
145 King St Newtown NSW 2042
Ph:(02) 9519 1222

Monday to Sunday 12pm – 10pm
The Marly Kitchen- Midnight Mexican, Thursday to Saturday 10pm – 4am
Ph:(02) 9519 1222


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