Le Petit Cler, Paris

For me, breakfast in Paris can be very hit and miss… Often the baguettes or croissants are mediocre, the coffee is watery or the prices are terribly expensive! But Le Petit Cler is a little gem, serving up a wonderful breakfast with great coffee, at a reasonable price. Perfect for filling you up for a day of sightseeing!


Le Petit Cler is a cute little version of La Fontaine de Mars (its more up-market older sibling), serving up simple Parisian food, including lovely Polaine grilled sandwiches and Plats du Jours! It is located just a couple of blocks back from The Eiffel Tower, so it’s a great spot to start your day before walking past The Eiffel Tower, over the Pont d’Iéna, through the Jardins du Trocadero and then perhaps to the Museum of Architecture or the Palais de Tokyo?

I came here for an early breakfast and ordered the Complete Breakfast for 13 euros – a coffee/tea/hot chocolate, freshly squeezed orange/grapefruit juice, homemade brioche/bread with jam & butter and 2 eggs cooked to your liking. My café creme was deliciously strong and hot, the grapefruit juice was lovely and refreshing, the brioche was soft and light, and my two boiled eggs were oozy and warming, perfect for a cold winter’s day morning!

Enjoy your breakfast or lunch at Le Petit Cler, and bon appétit!




3 thoughts on “Le Petit Cler, Paris

    • joannassydney says:

      Haha I don’t think so, I only know very basic French – but if you put on a smile and try your best, then you’re fine! The waitress here was lovely and appreciated my effort in ordering in French 🙂

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