About Life, Bondi Junction

About Life is a fantastic marketplace chain in Sydney that includes a wholefoods cafe, supermarket and natural pharmacy at each store. The menu caters to all, from meat-eaters to vegans, making it a great option for those who sometimes struggle to find a cafe that caters to their dietary requirements. About Life do an amazing job of creating some of the healthiest, tastiest and innovative dishes, from banana and sweet potato hotcakes, vegan scrambled cauli-bowl, to the cacao chilli beef superfood burrito! These crazy flavour combinations somehow always seem to work, as I’ve always loved my lunches here, and my sceptical mum did too!

As well as the wonderful breakfast and lunch menu, About Life also serve up some wicked drinks and smoothies, such as coconut water kefir tonic and the rainbow super smoothie (raw cacao, raspberries, raw vegan protein, coconut oil, chia seeds, LSA, aloe vera, macqui, acai, wild gubinge, raw camu camu, raw organic AFA, blue green algae and dates blended with organic coconut milk). These smoothies sit between $14-17, but with an ingredient list this extensive, I can see why! For the less faint-hearted, perhaps their organic fair trade coffee or chai would do the trick!

And most importantly, their desserts! About Life’s raw vegan creations include rocky road, cacao beetroot slice, caramel slice, chocolate mousse, doughnuts and power balls, to name just a few! I absolutely love these, but they are so, so filling – so I would definitely recommend sharing!

After your lovely breakfast or lunch, roam about the marketplace and pick up some cheese, organic meat, nut butters, kombucha, raw chocolate, or just some fruit and veggies! Whatever takes your fancy, or is on sale… I always end up buying so many things!

I hope you enjoy your trip to About Life, whether it’s just for a smoothie or a nice big lunch. I have been to the Bondi Junction and Surry Hills locations (I prefer BJ), but I’m sure which ever location you choose it will be just as wonderful! X



31 Oxford St, Bondi Junction NSW 2022

Mon to Thurs:   7am – 8pm (café closes at 6pm)

Fri, Sat & Sun:    7am – 7pm (café closes at 6pm)




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