Kitchen By Mike, Roseberry

Kitchen By Mike is one of the best additions to Sydney’s food scene. Unlike any other cafe, Kitchen By Mike is canteen-style, whereby customers queue along the display of the freshly made food and pick and choose whatever takes your fancy. The menu changes daily, depending on whatever Mike and his team find at the markets. But you can be sure to findΒ a tantalising assortment of unique salads, slow cooked meats, fresh wood-fired pizzas and a variety of pastries and cakes.

My meal-of-choice is always the salads, the most memorable being the wood-fired pumpkin with nigella seeds and spicy yogurt. Or if I am there for breakfast, the chia pudding, granola, eggs or anything including Pepe Saya dairy products is always a winner!

Don’t forget to check out the incredible homeware and kitchenware products sold in the store, especially the great cookbook collection (including Mike’s!), birthday cards, enamelware, copper pots, indoor plants and bathroom products!

I’m sure you will love your visit to Kitchen By Mike, and will be planning your next trip there shortly after… Be sure to pop into Black Star Pastry across the carpark and pick up some cakes, hazelnut & raisin bread or sourdough to take home, or perhaps their signature chai latte? X



Kitchen by Mike
85 Dunning Ave
Rosebery NSW 2018


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